Thursday, April 30, 2009

sand painting in chelsea

I was walking around Chelsea today with my friend Michale when we saw Wayne Coe on 22nd st, across the street from the Chelsea Museum, sand painting on the sidewalk. It was sort of windy but the sand he's using is a heavy sort (the one they spray on buildings) so it wasn't flying away, but it's obviously ephemeral, it will probably be completely gone by tomorrow. What he was reproducing (see in his hand) was an old gay porn movie flyer. Chelsea was the heart of the gay porn industry before it turned into the art gallery and exclusive fashion store neighbourhood it is now (Balenciaga and comme des garcons are on that block). That's why the sand: a little wind makes one community go away... yes... gone with the wind, I had to say it.
It was 4pm when we met him and he'd been working on this since 10am, I loved his white shirt and tie, and he was extremmely nice and happy to talk about his art. Very nice encouter.
If you want to know more, go see his website or contact Robyn Perry at (518) 392 2469

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  1. Dear Juliette,

    I've just mounted a new website, to begin getting out a little media on all the work I did last year. imac and iweb are thrilling advances over my beat-up G4. Good to see your site again.


    Wayne Coe
    818 640-1171