Friday, July 3, 2009

merci, merci!

I just discovered my new favorite store in Paris, created early June by the former owners of French kids top brand Bonpoint, Marie-France & Bernard Cohen, this store is 200% pure pleasure. You can literaly spend the whole afternoon there.
You'll find there a Christian Tortu flower shop, a perfume lab by Annick Goutal, fashion (YSL, APC, Isabel Marrant, Stella Mc Cartney, Marni, Paul & Joe) for women, men and kids, a "mercerie" (fabrics, zippers, buttons), amazing bedings, super great furniture vintage/roots to ultramodern, and great great home decor + accessories, an ice cream cart, a cafeteria with home baked goods, and a library/cafe where you can sit and sip something - you can also leave with the second hand books as they're all for sale. All of this in an amazing space.
The best part is that part of the profit margin goes to charities in Madagascar.

From the outside + the perfume lab
the 2nd floor - mostly home decor and the kid's section
+ the cool changing rooms from the 1st floor (fashion)

The rez-de-jardin (downstairs) with the cafeteria,
the small home accessories and lighting.

My favorite item on that floor? Probably the black and white
woven electric cords they sell by the yard...
My sister got me 2 yards for my birthday,
I can't wait to find the use for it.

The cafe/library
The books are sorted by subjects, you can just read
or buy them for 5, 10 or 20 euros depending on the color
of the sticker on its back.

I'll probably blog separately about specific finds from there. A real gold mine!!
MERCI - 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais - 75011 Paris


  1. Wow...this place looks amazing. Super envious that you are in Paris. Keep posting!!

  2. Juliette - This place is soo cool ! Of Course, Only in Paris !! ahh - what i would give for a summer in France!

    I haven't seen you on twitter lately. I hope that all is well..

    Take care

  3. I'm back in New York, and back to blogging and "tweeting"!
    I went to that store again, I'll post a few things I bought there. Great great stuff.
    I know the euro is high, but really, you should go!! 10 days is great, the weather was great and in July/August, the city is (almost) empty. I had an AMAZING time.