Monday, March 30, 2009

Thonet N14

Thonet chair number 14, hands down the most seated-on chair in Paris!
The French ELLE decoration gave it a spread in its April's issue (great issue by the way) showing also how it still inspires designers.
I love the MUJI version (2009) for its simplicity.
Also love the "Dan" as the Scandinavian cousin, and the fluo plexi "prosthesis" because the seat is the first thing to go on the originals and it's always hard to replace and look good, at least this one is not "trying" to be like the original.
I wanted to show the IKEA version in recycled plastic OGLA but for some reason it's not on their website anymore...

Images above from the French ELLE decoration April 09 issue, except for black and white which shows how it was packed: six pieces of wood, two circles, two sticks and a couple of arches - held together by 10 screws and two nuts. The first example of green industrial design. Ikea before Ikea.

Below is a sample of Pablo Reinoso's Number-14-inspired work:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

just scandinavian

I was strolling around Tribecca today, and I discovered this store on Hudson street: Just Scandinavian. A great selection of scandinavian design, around 20 different fabric designs you can be made into pillows, sofas, trays, lamps, etc. Also cool cabinets and drawer chests. Go visit them if you're around!

All images from
Just Scandinavian 161 Hudson st, NYC NY 10013 (212) 334 2556

Friday, March 20, 2009

a new life for your old china

WOW, this is great!! At last someone did it... and who else than BLIK?
They (actually Jansen+co) created transfers for our china or pretty much anything with a smooth surface (works on porcelain, glass, ceramic, plastic...) and best of all it's dishwasher safe. Think of all the things that need some spicing up in your kitchen cabinet, or anywhere else for that matter. The cheesier, the better actually, and don't hesitate to overlap existing patterns!

here's the page from the Jansen+co catalog

Here are a few cool patterns it comes in:

Thank you BLIK for this great find!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

subway art

Most of the "visitors" are definitely in on it, but still I think it's a fun idea.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

greener than green freegans

My sister had told me about this phenomenon in Paris around 6 months ago, and I know now that's it's also been happening in NYC and the UK (and probably many more places) for a while.
It's an article in the April issue of Marie Claire US that brought it to my attention again.
As they put it in the article, Freegans are "radical environmentalists (typically vegan) who reject our wasteful consumer culture by living almost entirely on what others throw away".
This article only makes the magazine worth buying but you can wait for someone to throw it away. wink wink.
No, seriously, I think we all need reminders to kick up a notch our earth-conscious habits.

Here are 2 youtube movies to explain:

Alf from the UK

Other useful websites:
July 08 article in the daily news
June 07 article in the NY times

hardware extraordinaire

Those who know me also know about my tool craze: I own 2 power drills, a jigsaw, a circular saw, a heavy duty sander, and I'm not afraid to use them all, which comes handy on sets. Here's a little hardware inspired selection just for fun and below, a shoot I did for the Two's Company Fashion Book on the same theme.

1 muji screwdriver set - momastore $10
2 chain in vain bracelet -
uncommon goods $14
3 duplication prohibited key ring -
areaware $90 sterling silver
4 silicone lock keychain - areaware $25
5 drill bit pendant -
areaware $75
6 bolt magnets -
moma store $9 (also exist as nails)
7 safety pin cuff links - the conran shop $39

8 clocky alarm clock - moma store $60

9 silicone key keychain -
areaware $25
10 the dream tool box -
manutan 59euros
11 ball bearing key chain - moma store $30
12 silver tech climber - swiss army $37 I love the look but I'd like the same with the mini wood saw (don't forget it in your carry-on)

13 homme et femme bracelet/chocker (magnetic) - moma store $75
14 Cord lamp mini -
unica $132 or made in design 139euros Still shots: Photographed by Arthur Nobre
Model shots: Photographed by Arthur Belebeau

All Accessories and jewelry by Two's Company
Art direction/styling by me

Monday, March 9, 2009

a theory on spring fashion accessories

Have you seen the special spring fashion issues lately of the fashion magazines?
Well, I have a few subscriptions, including ELLE, which I respect enormously. But I have to say the accessory pages of the March 09 issue (below) left me puzzled. When usually I drool over at least 5 pairs of shoes and 2 bags, and stare for hours absorbing the new subtle details, lines, patterns, and start putting together outfits in my mind, plan when I'd wear which, etc... This time, nothing, except the normal question for me "if I had to do an ad/catalog/editorial with this, what would I do?" Which usually comes at the 2nd reading.

What's up with the designers?
My theory, is that because it's the crisis, they didn't want us to feel bad not being able to buy all these shoes but they still wanted the whole fashion world to be rolling, so they just had fun creating over-the-top-unwearable-but-out-of-this-world-perfect-for-editorial pieces. Keeping everyone happy!

If I'm right, then thank you designers to be so thoughtful, it's really working, there's none of the above that I would wear even if I got them free...
PS: That said, you can definitely hire me to play with you and make them look amazing, it would be so much fun!!!

altered photographies

The next exhibition at The Photographer's Gallery in London looks interesting... These effects would be great in a fashion editorial.

The Photographic Object
23 April - 13 June 2009

"The internationally renowned photographers in this exhibition use stitching, cutting, piercing, punching and moulding, to explore the potential for photographs to exist as an object between two and three dimensions."

Sunday, March 8, 2009

smart bus advertising

Great examples of bus advertising from

thank you for these great finds!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Röyksopp video

I can't help showing you this video White Sky posted on their blog 2 days ago... Such a great video!!
Thank you White Sky!!

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

shopping on the dark side

Ok, we know it's the crisis, and everyone is doing everything to cheer us up with bright and happy products.
But maybe we don't want to be cheered up!! Maybe we want a little bit of sad, scary, disgusting... why not?? So here's for your dark side cravings:

1 cockroach kitchen magnets - ATYPYK 10euros
2 bloody comfortable chair Dexter limited edition, ultraleather + embroidered blood design - Amy Lau Design
3 redrum Dunny - Kidrobot $300 > even dangerous Dunnies eat bananas
4 brain salt/pepper shaker - lazybone uk $14.72
5 little joseph - areaware $100
6 glazed porcelain skull (1.75" H) - Moss $440
7 Evidence knife from Fred - perpetual kid $14.99
8 the now famous liquidated chanel logo - from French street artist Zevs, see video below... gory!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

JR in Marie Claire

You need to read this article from the March issue of Marie Claire US... How did I not hear about this French photographer before??? JR is the most inspiring artist I've heard/read about in a while. It's one thing to be (very) talented, but to use it for something that meaningful, now that's something else...

click on the image to see it bigger

Now the images below are from his face2face project in Palestine and Israel.
He and his partner Marco wanted to show the faces of both sides, to both sides, to bring back people to reality and humanity.
In 2007, he and his partner (illegally) posted images both in Palestine and Israel, of 2 taxi drivers, kids, workers, women, teacher, etc. one Israeli, one Palestinian and both making faces.

People didn't necessarily understood at first but he presented it like a game to guess which was which... And that's already a start in showing how much closer they are from each-other than they think.
He says it much better than me on his website, follow the links below.
All these photos are by JR, visit his website if you like it, there are many more there.
And here are the other websites for his projects:
28 millimetres
28 millimetres/women
carnet de rue

All the photos about his work as from him as well (
Chapeau JR and thank you Marie Claire !!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

sharpie time

There are a few designers out there having fun (seriously of course) drawing on accessory classics... Here are a few great ones:1 be tough atypyk tee-shirt 35euros
2 ceci est un it bag longchamp clutch $160

3 munny by
Jon Burgerman
4 blah blah cushion (lambswool) - areaware
5 ozzy inspired chuck taylor all star $50

6 vuitton graffiti wallet $760
7 James Victore plate
8 dreaming camera case by Mi-Jiung Ju - moma store $40
9 Crepax Kadhorna cabinet by Giuseppe Canevese - moss

Inspiring, right? Well now it's your turn! Here are a few toys to start you off:

1 chat plates from Ikuko Nakazawa- moma $48 /set
2 sharpie $11.79 a dozen at staples
3 blank matryoshka dolls - dwr $125
4 storage boxes - container store $9.99 and $11.99
5 white vase - target $29.99
6 mega munny (18") - kidrobot $199.95 (also exist in mini for $9.95), click here for customizing tips
7 gulliver children's chair - ikea $14.99
8 converse all star - around $45
9 white picture frame - target $19.99-$29.99

Come on, you can't go wrong, just write (or even draw "x"s) if that's all you can do, but no matter what, this could be the most personal present you've ever made.
me your works of art and I'll post them (