Monday, March 9, 2009

a theory on spring fashion accessories

Have you seen the special spring fashion issues lately of the fashion magazines?
Well, I have a few subscriptions, including ELLE, which I respect enormously. But I have to say the accessory pages of the March 09 issue (below) left me puzzled. When usually I drool over at least 5 pairs of shoes and 2 bags, and stare for hours absorbing the new subtle details, lines, patterns, and start putting together outfits in my mind, plan when I'd wear which, etc... This time, nothing, except the normal question for me "if I had to do an ad/catalog/editorial with this, what would I do?" Which usually comes at the 2nd reading.

What's up with the designers?
My theory, is that because it's the crisis, they didn't want us to feel bad not being able to buy all these shoes but they still wanted the whole fashion world to be rolling, so they just had fun creating over-the-top-unwearable-but-out-of-this-world-perfect-for-editorial pieces. Keeping everyone happy!

If I'm right, then thank you designers to be so thoughtful, it's really working, there's none of the above that I would wear even if I got them free...
PS: That said, you can definitely hire me to play with you and make them look amazing, it would be so much fun!!!

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