Monday, March 30, 2009

Thonet N14

Thonet chair number 14, hands down the most seated-on chair in Paris!
The French ELLE decoration gave it a spread in its April's issue (great issue by the way) showing also how it still inspires designers.
I love the MUJI version (2009) for its simplicity.
Also love the "Dan" as the Scandinavian cousin, and the fluo plexi "prosthesis" because the seat is the first thing to go on the originals and it's always hard to replace and look good, at least this one is not "trying" to be like the original.
I wanted to show the IKEA version in recycled plastic OGLA but for some reason it's not on their website anymore...

Images above from the French ELLE decoration April 09 issue, except for black and white which shows how it was packed: six pieces of wood, two circles, two sticks and a couple of arches - held together by 10 screws and two nuts. The first example of green industrial design. Ikea before Ikea.

Below is a sample of Pablo Reinoso's Number-14-inspired work:

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