Wednesday, April 1, 2009

hello lomo!

I love love love my digital cameras, including my iphone for more low-tech looking images, but right now I'm absolutely craving a lomographic camera. These "toy" cameras that allow you to control close to nothing, with their very limited settings (click here for more info). They've been around for many years, but they're exploding right now.
I wish it had just magically come to me and that I was the first to share it with the world but no, it's already a huge phenomenon, and the Moma store, Urban Outfitters and Colette in Paris already caught the wave, they all carry the Holga, the fish eye or the Diane F, and many fun accessories...
Here's a mini gallery of lomo images:

Here's a short ad with the golden rules: the main one "don't think, just shoot"

To get your own: Momastore, Lomographic Society, Urban Outfitters, Colette. Starting at $59.
I'm still debating whether to get a Holga or a Diane F, I'll keep you posted maybe with a little gallery of images...

Look: I used a Holga as a prop 2 years ago for a
Two's Company shoot. Maybe I did catch the wave early after all!
photography: Arthur Belebeau


  1. I have the Diana F+, and I love-love it.
    It's a new surprise each time

  2. The Holga seems a little big for every day. So I think I'll get the Diana F like you!