Thursday, April 23, 2009

worksite inspired

Maybe I spent too much time in my father's workshop, but I LOVE the industrial look, especially mixed with clean and polished...
I love #1 for how simple it is, and I always had a crush on worksite lamps like #2 (cleaned up version). #3 is the most brilliant radiator I've ever seen: you can leave it hung like that or drag part of it where you're hanging out for extra heat!! love love love.
Most of these could be cool DIY projects, especially if you have the same thrill as me walking down the plumbing isle of Home Depot!

1 - tap hanger from junktion starting at 100 euros
2 - work lamp from Form us with love - ScandinavianDesignCenter ($132.98)
3 - Ciussai radiator from Ad Hoc - world style design (1,520 euros)
4 - Seen in the April issue ELLE decoration - supermarket cart painted glossy white (DIY)
5 - light plumbing from Claus Bjerre, ed. Danish Crafts (75 euros at Home autour du monde in Paris)
6 - towel hanger from junktion
7 - Medito wall lamp - made in design (68 euros)
8 - chanukah lamp from junktion

1, 3, 4, 5 seen in the april 09 issue of Elle Decoration
Home autour du monde 8 rue des francs bourgeois, Paris 3eme 01 42 77 06 08


  1. I love, LOVE all these smart ideas. Definitely my style. Can't wait to move into a new apartment and get inspiration from your blog.
    Great work, as always... Thanks!