Wednesday, April 15, 2009

homemade look

We all know the American Apparel ads. Forget the porn aspect for a second, just look at the "homemade" feel: like you could have shot it yourself with your point-and-shoot.
Well, I've been noticing more and more of this style of photography in magazines and billboard lately.
Spring break editorial in ELLE US May09Marc by Marc Jacobs and Vans adds

American Apparel images from their website

Some might think it's because of the economy: no elaborate lighting and expensive digital equipment, maybe just get an HOLGA (see my hello lomo! post) and the accountant can shoot it right here in the office!
Well, no offense to the accountant, but that's really not the best choice: there's a real difference between a "homemade look" which is
controlled, tasteful (sometimes),consistent and plain homemade.
So yes, we still need professional photographers and mostly art directors (wink wink)
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