Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I remember my mother always finding the cool toys for my sister and I to play outside. The sunprint kit was one of them and I was thrilled to find it again at the DWR soho store ($18). The exact same kit!! (see below for other places to buy)
Last Saturday was beautiful and we had friends over for a barbecue, so with the help of my little friend Clara 3, I re-discovered the pleasure of sunprinting. Here's the first round of a summer long serie!
1- You place objects on the sheet (I cut it in pieces so we'd get more prints in the end). They recommend finding flat objects and they provide an acrylic sheet to keep everything flat, but we did use 3D objects to play with the shadows.
2- You wait (that's the hardest part) from 1 min to 5 min depending on the sun, the blue paper starts to turn white.
3- You rinse and voila!

We decided to create frames for our works of art. The paper being very thin, it also gives some structure without having to properly frame it. I cut a cardboard box, and Clara and I decorated them with blue only pencils and markers (to stick with the blue theme) and I double-side-taped the prints. See the final product below.
Better priced at the Laurence Hall of Science ($14.95 and many options - refills only etc), and great examples there.
Right now on sale on Amazon.com for $11.95

Have fun!

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