Thursday, March 5, 2009

shopping on the dark side

Ok, we know it's the crisis, and everyone is doing everything to cheer us up with bright and happy products.
But maybe we don't want to be cheered up!! Maybe we want a little bit of sad, scary, disgusting... why not?? So here's for your dark side cravings:

1 cockroach kitchen magnets - ATYPYK 10euros
2 bloody comfortable chair Dexter limited edition, ultraleather + embroidered blood design - Amy Lau Design
3 redrum Dunny - Kidrobot $300 > even dangerous Dunnies eat bananas
4 brain salt/pepper shaker - lazybone uk $14.72
5 little joseph - areaware $100
6 glazed porcelain skull (1.75" H) - Moss $440
7 Evidence knife from Fred - perpetual kid $14.99
8 the now famous liquidated chanel logo - from French street artist Zevs, see video below... gory!


  1. Do you know that Metropolitan Home got tons of letters complaining about the Dexter chair?!

  2. Thank you Dorothee, good to know.