Tuesday, March 3, 2009

JR in Marie Claire

You need to read this article from the March issue of Marie Claire US... How did I not hear about this French photographer before??? JR is the most inspiring artist I've heard/read about in a while. It's one thing to be (very) talented, but to use it for something that meaningful, now that's something else...

click on the image to see it bigger

Now the images below are from his face2face project in Palestine and Israel.
He and his partner Marco wanted to show the faces of both sides, to both sides, to bring back people to reality and humanity.
In 2007, he and his partner (illegally) posted images both in Palestine and Israel, of 2 taxi drivers, kids, workers, women, teacher, etc. one Israeli, one Palestinian and both making faces.

People didn't necessarily understood at first but he presented it like a game to guess which was which... And that's already a start in showing how much closer they are from each-other than they think.
He says it much better than me on his website, follow the links below.
All these photos are by JR, visit his website if you like it, there are many more there.
And here are the other websites for his projects:
28 millimetres
28 millimetres/women
carnet de rue

All the photos about his work as from him as well (jr-art.net)
Chapeau JR and thank you Marie Claire !!

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