Sunday, February 13, 2011

sort of coal

I haven't been that excited about a product in a long time... especially as I'm getting more and more disgusted by consumerism in general.
I discovered this water purifier bottle (on the table of some very good friends of mine) that makes you want to ditch your old BRITA - even though that wouldn't be very environment friendly - and its disposable filters full of plastic and cheap coal...

This is a whole different level, the coal is in the bottle, the design is impeccable.
There's a whole philosophy behind the products from SORT OF COAL, read about it on their website. It's just the most inspiring company I've heard of in a long long time.

>> the bottle with the piece of coal is 68 euros + shipping from Denmark (35 euros to the US). A lot more irresistible products on their website...

I'm in love!

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