Thursday, October 13, 2011

the chicest cup holder

Please meet the chicest cup holder on the planet.
A creation of petit h (yes, h as in Hermes, see my previous post), designed by leather craftsman and saddler Michael Orain.

When you look at it vertical on the cup, it's the exact same shape as the traditional Hermes craftsmen and saddlers apron and when you tilt the cup horizontal, it's the saddle, another iconic silhouette for Hermes. So everyday with your coffee (starbucks included), you have the whole history of Hermes in your hand. How powerful is that?

... and YES you can actually own one soon: they will be available at the petit h sale in the Hermes Madison store between Nov 2nd and 23rd 2011 and on (10/3 to 10/23).

I have to start drinking coffee now!!

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