Sunday, May 3, 2009

ethan murrow

Ethan Murrow's first solo exhibition "Zero Sum Pilot" at the New York Winston Wachter Gallery.
He explains:
"The still imagery we [refering to himself and his wife] collect forms the source material for large-scale graphite drawings that are obsessive documents of infatuated characters. [...] "Zero Sum Pilot" follows one man's rigorous and suspect training for unknown aerial goals."
He also explains that the characters he portrays "mostly male, are doomed to failure and prone to dysfunction". We all agree, perfection is boring, but this probably the extreme form of wabi-sabi*!

Above: images from the Winston Wachter website:
Composure increasing time aloft, panic unhelpful
Deep water recovery training an asset at splash down
New helmet worthy of further use despite neck injuries
Release point adjusted down to 165th rotation

Below: photos taken at the gallery

* Wabi-sabi: Japanese art of the fault: I'll definitely will be blogging about it soon!

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  1. these are gorgeous. I love the feeling, it's really great