Friday, May 29, 2009

tracy rocca at winston wachter

Yesterday was the opening of Tracy Rocca's exhibition at the Winston Wachter Gallery in NYC.
It's a new kind of impressionism, makes everything around look so real and sharp! I love the artist's statement:
"The goal of my work is to create a place where the mind can rest.
The imagery I use arises from, first, consistent observation and, second, a conscious effort to slow down.
[...]" read the whole statement here.

Lake Washington (2009)
oil on polyester over panel 36"x36"
Lilly 2009
oil on polyester over panel 48"x48"
Gilroy Garden 2009
oil on polyester over panel 20"x20"

all images from Tracy Rocca and Winston Wachter websites


  1. Wow.. these paintings are fantastic. I love that they appear out of focus, and they are somehow very calming for the mind.


  2. Great stuff. I'll drop in later in the week.