Tuesday, February 3, 2009

choosing red!

I'm so lucky my boyfriend has great taste. He made the Bisazza bathroom before we were together. When I moved in, we were debating what else to put in there... We tried wood to bring some nature in the bathroom, but it didn't do it. Last month, we decided to go with RED. We love it, it's adopted. Super dynamic.
We even had this little Chinese vase and little French Dunny to match the look. I wish I had taken the shot when we had the big white Hydrangea in the vase.
We're already planning on adding wall art and other goodies. I promise I'll post!

pharmacy cabinet - cappellini
red stool from Francois Azambourg - cappellini
turquoise vase - tozai home
Dunny - kidrobot

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  1. J'ai un scoop!! Le parlement suisse souhaite déclarer ta salle de bains au patrimoine mondial de l'humanité suisse!! Manque plus qu'un coffre fort!! Bravo pour ton nouveau blog!! Je regarderai autant que possible!! Des bises! Vincent

  2. Merci Vincent! Tres flattee mais dis-leur qu'ils peuvent aussi commander la meme armoire a pharmacie chez cappellini!

  3. Et surtout qu'il ferait mieux de la commander en blanc... sinon c'est la Croix Rouge qu'il faut contacter.