Sunday, February 8, 2009

USB drive with personality

When you're in the design business, and you go to a meeting present a project, or show your work to potential clients, you can't just get a boring plain old USB drive out of your pocket: because it's our job to present the client's product right, we should be able to do the same with our own work!
I love to carefully pick my "tools" anyway, so finding the right USB drive was a cool challenge for me.
I've been casualy looking for one for a few weeks, but I haven't found anything at all in stores that I liked... I started to look online yesterday, and of course, I found absolutely everything I was hoping for... and more.
Here are my best finds in 4 different categories: 007, toys, nature and hungry. Not all work-appropriate!!!
What's your favorite??


1 wood sticks, 2 wood sculpted animal claws/teeth, 3 recycled,
4 wood farm animals, 5 cloth pin, 6 bamboo, 7 farm animals

1 sushi, 2 fortune cookie, 3 biscuit, 4 bacon, 5 banana, 6 pill, 7 burger

Of course as I was hunting for the last broken links of my selection, I came across a few more excellent ones: audio tape, teddy bear, eraser, zippo lighter, light bulb, wine cork, mini cooper, floppy disk...

A few very useful websites in my search:
wired blog, ubergizmo, techblog,, technobob,
the office master, geek alerts, the daily dairy

thank you!


  1. Mine is the wood stick. Sister Anne

  2. Mine is the second lego (the man without head)!