Friday, February 6, 2009

classics with a twist

I love that there are smart people out there making the classics into new, smart and happy objects.
If you don't know ATYPYK, go see their website , it's a gold mine for smart and cheeky objects (and I'm the one modeling on the ALL SAINTS pillow).

My personal favorite is 6 which I own and love!
3 is a stretch, but I like it anyway - even though I never use coasters - and the glass used in the photo is a classic (which made it qualify, he he)

If you find other objects in that category, please send them in the comments, I'll definitely keep adding to the list!

1 ATYPYK - bon appetit 33euros
2 MOMA STORE - sandwich sponge $10
3 ATYPYK - clumsy coaster 13 euros/2
4 MOMA STORE- p* cell phone head set $80
5 ATYPYK - touilleur en argent 10euros
6 DESIGN PUBLIC - tobias wong light switch $150 (here in gold limited edition)
7 MOMA STORE - crumbled cups $35/3
8 MOMA STORE - I’m not a paper cup $20
9 MOMA STORE - new york coffee cup $14
10 MOMA - 10 key calculator/USB numeric keuboard $39.95
11 CB2 - carton vase $6.95

1 comment:

  1. I definitely need the cell phone head set for my purse!!!