Friday, February 13, 2009

Shinichi Maruyama - Kucho

This is an exhibition I saw today at Bruce Silverstein Gallery in Chelsea.
Extract of the press release:

"KUSHO, the Japanese word for “writing in the sky” features ten large-scale photographs that represent the midair interplay of black Indian ink and water. The phenomenon that Maruyama captures—two liquids colliding the millisecond before they merge into gray—is the result of various actions and devices. [...] The split-second timing necessary to photograph these pictures is made possible by recent advances in strobe light technology, allowing the artist to capture phenomena to within 7,500th of a second.

As the art historian Maurice Berger writes of the Kusho series: “Maruyama’s photographs both document and formalistically play on the chance effects of these processes, exemplifying the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi—the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. [...]"

You'll read again about Wabi-Sabi on my blog as it's a passion of mine. Big time.
Oh and I'm proud to say that my father Michel Merck developed the exact same strobe process for my photographer uncle around 30 years ago!

Also, read below the artist's statement. I like it!

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