Monday, February 16, 2009

more wood at work !

I love the contrast Low tech-High tech of having wood where we'd expect it the least... More wood in our lives!

1- maple cell phone - seen on
ASUS bamboo laptop - $1999.00 at
3- HACOA Wood keyboard
(email them for prices)
4- HACOA Wood usb flashdrive (email them for prices)
more flashdrives on my post:USB drives with personality
5- VERS handcrafted ipod speaker $139.99
6- MOMA STORE mp3 mini speakers $36
7- MINIOT wood iphone case 80 euros
8- CONTAINER STORE wood verneer magnet board $24.99
9- AREAWARE magno small radio $200
CD labels could only find them on ebay, but really easy to do it yourself!
11- Last minute item - Flexible love already millions have discovered it. I think it's brilliant. See the videos below. Yes, not 100% wood, sorry!
I found the mini version on ebay for 27 BP

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